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Tynemouth Tours
Tynemouth Tours
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Tynemouth Tours
Tynemouth Tours
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What Will You See?

We will complete a grand circuit of Tynemouth village, starting from the late-Victorian station, a masterpiece of railway architecture that essentially made modern Tynemouth. We will wander among the profound ruins on the headland: the site of the Benedictine monastery that formed the focus of the early town.

On the way, we will admire all 3 of Tynemouth’s pristine beaches, take in the glorious Collingwood Monument and absorb all of Tynemouth’s idyllic allure and coastal ruggedness, while hearing the stories that underpin these stunning sights.

Why Tynemouth?

Tynemouth is frequently celebrated as one of the most desirable places to be in the country. It is a delightful coastal enclave that enjoys the charm of a seaside village, being the jewel in the crown of a string of hotspots along Northumberland’s “Geordie Riviera”. At the same time, Tynemouth sits majestically at the outlet of a major river, overlooking the important towns of both North and South Shields and within easy reach of the regional capital of Newcastle.

Yet its deep and undulating history, from Iron Age settlement and medieval growth, to more modern Georgian grace and Victorian fame as a salubrious resort, is not always well understood by its many eager visitors.

Why Go With Us?

Your guides have the deepest connection with this area. We know every inch of Tynemouth and can tell you a story at every corner.

James Linkleter’s family became notable boat-builders since arriving on Prior’s Haven in the 18th century. As such, James belongs to a prestigious lineage of two of Tynemouth’s most prominent families.

Luan Hanratty’s ancestors arrived on the docks of North Shields in the 1840s as part of the Tyneside Irish diaspora. The Hanrattys have been distinguished teachers throughout the region for over a century.

Together we established Tynemouth Tours to enshrine and celebrate the folklore and heritage of this wonderful home of ours, so others can share in it and be enriched through it.

How Much Is It?

  • Our 1-Hour Walking Tour of Tynemouth is £15 per person.
  • Our 2-hour Walking Tour of Tynemouth is £23 per person with entry to the Castle and Priory, managed by English Heritage, included.
  • Maximum total group size per tour is 12 persons.